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What Our Customers Say

"Everything has gone absolutely fantastic — we have been very pleased with the work you've done for us. From the initial offer — the level of information — the precision and keeping your promises — your readiness when there was a strike in France all of a sudden — to the final delivery in Madrid, where we have permanently moved to."

Helle, Fernando

"I have had the pleasure of moving with Taggaard Movers twice — to and from Spain. Taggaard is an efficient, safe and very pleasant partner in the process; Torben is in control of the logistics and all the details. I would definitely recommend Taggaard Movers for international moves in Europe."

Magnus Bach

"Unparalleled move from Cambridge to Copenhagen. Everything was packed and moved with the utmost care and professionalism. In addition, Torben is always nice and friendly to talk to and a man you can trust. I would give Torben and his company 6 out of 5 stars if I could, and I would recommend him highly to anyone moving within the EU."

Thomas H.

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Are you considering a move to Portugal? Then you should take into consideration that having a partner with experience is a worthy investment in most cases. And at Taggaard Movers, we have the experience.

What Should You Be Aware of When Moving to Portugal?

When moving internationally, there are several important things to take into account when planning. For example, there may be different legislations, other regulations, permits and systems in which you must be registered before you can move. This applies to small as well as large projects, on the private front as well as in the business sector.

Portugal being a member of the EU makes the process a lot easier, but the task should still not be taking too lightly, as important details can easily be missed. For example, as an EU citizen, one is entitled to stay in the country for up to 3 months when moving to Portugal. Afterwards, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit. Typically, this requires a work contract or enrolment in a study program, as their starting point is that one must have an incentive to settle permanently.

Since your current health insurance probably does not cover you in Portugal for a longer period, you need to obtain Portuguese health insurance. Portugal is known for supporting user payment, so one must be prepared to pay a certain amount to see a doctor.

To obtain a work permit in Portugal, you need a tax card. It can be obtained at a local tax office.

Choose a Moving Company With Experience in Moving to Portugal

It takes a great deal of trust to put your belongings in the hands of a supplier and have them shipped off to another country where everything is unfamiliar. Therefore, it is important that you trust your supplier so that it becomes a positive experience. At Taggaard Movers, we are experts in international moves, and we have plenty of experience in making the process run smoothly — and we know what possible obstacles need to be taken into account.

Price When Moving to Portugal

When requesting a good offer for an international move, such as to Portugal, one thing is crucial — information. Preparing for a move is always like solving a puzzle, especially when it is across borders. Therefore, the provider needs to know as many details as possible about the move: For instance, how long is the distance? What are the conditions for pick-up and delivery? Are there any special requirements for some of the furniture, such as something being fragile or requiring special tools?

Detailed information is relevant and will help us put together an accurate offer without unforeseen expenses, but the most important thing is the time frame. If you set a broad time horizon, the supplier has a much better chance of putting together a well-designed and effective plan for the move. This also applies affects the financial aspect, as the supplier can lower the price of the offer due to lower costs.

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If you have questions about a major or minor relocation to Portugal, please contact us. We are happy to provide a non-binding offer as well as guidance on how to solve your task in the best possible way.


Moving in Combination

When moving in combination, we fill our moving truck with furniture from several clients — and by doing so, we can offer a more favourable price. In these cases, the delivery date depends on our schedule for other moves to and from the given destination in Europe.

We always make sure to collect the goods and store them safely in our warehouse until the next trip to the given destination.

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VIP-flytning med Taggaard Movers

VIP Moving

Our VIP move is the solution that covers all your needs. We take care of everything, from packing your things in safely in moving boxes to the special transport of your antique piano. Furthermore, we offer full service at the destination, where we unpack and set up both your TV and your curtains, ensuring that your new home abroad is ready for you upon arrival.

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Priority Moving

If you would like to have full control over the process of the move, then you should consider our Priority solution.

This is especially popular when there are other things that need to be taken into account at the point of arrival. With it, you choose the specific delivery date to the destination, which makes it much easier to make the delivery fit into your other plans.

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When moving, there is often a need for temporary storage of household goods We offer several solutions, and we have the facilities to store your things in a good and safe way. You can choose to deliver your household goods to our storage facility yourself or we can provide assistance with pick-up.

*Loan of moving boxes is free, and you get 1 month free with a minimum of 2 months storage.

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